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We are a leading will writing company based in Consett that can help all people assure their assets after death in July 2024.

Our company offers a range of will writing services to people across Consett, whether you are writing a will for the first time or need a new will created to meet the new demands of your life.

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As this is a legally valid document, there is a range of things that need to be included, and your will should be written in a specific way to ensure all of these needs are met.

Working with our will writing services can ensure that you or a family member has a professional will written on time. There is a range of ways we can help you during this time, and we support clients across England and Wales.

If you are interested in the professional assistance we can offer, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today to see what we can do for you.

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Why Use Us?

Our team of in-house solicitors in Consett provide a specialist Will Writing Service. We can ensure that all of your personal possessions are protected during this time and can cover a range of assets, no matter the personal circumstances.

We can prevent a will from being successfully contested and protect someone’s interests following death. We work closely with a recognised trade body as well as those within the legal profession, such as local solicitors, as well as giving all clients their own executor to ensure the highest standard of work every time.

There are many reasons why you should consider working with professional will writers during this time, whether you are looking to get your own will completed or working on behalf of a family member.

Our professional will writers ensure that all areas of writing a will are completed, and we do this to a high standard. All our legal documents are assessed by a local solicitor to ensure they meet the needs of the client.

Working with a professional service covers all needs, including proving testamentary capacity. Our professional will writers will provide an assessment of capacity and ensure that this is recorded on file for future reference, preventing the will from being successfully contested and going against your wishes following death.

Many benefits come from working with us for the will writing process, and as a legal service, we can ensure that all needs are met during this time.

If you are interested in working with us and want to see how our will writing service can help, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Consett team today to learn more.

Inheritance, Wills & Probate Barristers

Working with our will writing service gives you access to not only a will writer but also members of the law society that can help you during this process.

With our practice approved by the solicitors regulation authority, we can provide a properly drafted will as well as offer ongoing advice that can help you during this time. These services can help family members following their bereavement and help your will be seen as you desired.

We understand that you may have a complex family situation and only want all the assets to go to your immediate family or specific people, which is why we offer a probate service as well as help to write your will.

Our Consett barristers have a great understanding and experience with inheritance laws and will ensure that your will is handled the same way you desire. Working with our service provides the legal cover you and your family may need during this time, as well as providing a valid will.

Reasons For Getting A Will Written

Creating a will for the first time or getting a new will organised is a task that many people put off. However, it is one of the most important things you can do and may not take as much work as you have anticipated, especially when working with a professional will writer.

Getting a will organised is a way of protecting your family and loved ones following your death, ensuring that all your assets are handled in the right manner. Having a professional will makes it easier for any law firm to handle your assets following death and can prevent family disputes, issues within the family, as well as the overpaying of inheritance tax.

With a will, it will be easier for your personal possessions to be divided once you have died and ensure that your needs will be met.

Even a simple will can provide a range of benefits, and this is something we can help with. Working with professional will writing services like those offered by our brand, as well as many others, including the Co Op Legal Services, can help with many factors in Consett, including:

One of the most important reasons for hiring a will writer is to protect your children. With a will, you can not only continue to provide for your children following death but also nominate a legal guardian for those who are under 18.

Your will covers more than your personal possessions, and it is a parental responsibility to ensure that your children will be taken care of even when you are no longer with them. A will can offer the same protection to your children in the form of a guardian as it would your personal possessions following death.

If you die without a will, there will be no one with parental responsibility for your children in Consett, which means it will be up to the court to decide who should look after your children. This may result in something you do not want, which is why you should take some of your own time now to finalise your wishes and get them filed legally to protect your children.

If you are not married or in a civil partnership with your partner, then you should not expect anything to go to them following death unless you have made a will. If you are not a civil partner or married to the person you love, then this can cause a lot of issues should you die without a will.

Without the legal binding that comes from marriage or a civil partnership, it will be difficult for your partner to continue their life following your death. Even a basic will can cover their needs and ensure they get to remain inside your shared home without being a civil partner or married to you at the time.

Unless there is this legal binding in the form of marriage or a registered civil partnership, you need to have a will that indicates your wishes for your partner to protect them during this time. You should both have separate wills that indicate your wishes for each other if you are not a civil partner or married, or you can also have the same will, which is known as mirror wills to ensure all your needs are covered.

If your Consett estate is worth more than £325,000, it is likely going to be hit heavily with inheritance tax following your death. An IHT bill can be avoided by writing a will or updating your existing will to meet your current needs, ensuring that your personal assets can be handed on in full to your loved ones.

Working with our professional writing services can help you get around having to pay inheritance tax on your possessions, as we understand the exemptions that are available to all. For example, leaving everything that is above the threshold of £325,000 to your spouse or civil partner can avoid IHT and is something to consider if you do not want to pay this tax.

Change is the only constant in life, which can make will writing difficult. However, working with a professional will writing service like the one we offer is a way to keep up with these ever-changing circumstances and ensure that your will reflects the circumstances of your life at the time of death.

For example, we will help you write a new will or update an existing will whenever you marry, divorce, or have children to ensure the right people are entitled to your possessions and care following death.

In England and Wales, your existing will is automatically revoked or cancelled when you get married. This does not apply to people in Scotland. To prevent former partners or civil partners from getting access to your assets following death, then you will need to write a will.

If you know what you want your funeral to be like and who you want to be there, then having a will is a way to ensure this will happen following your death. With a will in place, you can leave specific instructions for your family in Consett so they do not have to make any decisions following your death.

This can be helpful as they may not have the mental capacity to deal with these things once you have died, but you can get your wishes by leaving them in the will.

If you own your property on a joint tenancy basis, your ownership will automatically go to the other person when you die. This is part of the survivorship rules that are present in England and Wales.

However, if you own property on a ‘tenants in common basis’ then the intestacy rules will apply unless you have left specifications in your will and this is witnessed correctly. It is important to note that if you own overseas property, the rules may differ from those in England and Wales, which is why it is best to finalise your wishes in a will.

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Where to get a will made?

Now that you understand the importance of having a will made, it is time to consider your options. We are professional will writers that can offer a range of services, including the writing of simple wills to ongoing professional advice to help you during this process.

We offer Co Op legal services in Consett, including will writing services, to people across the nation to ensure that your possessions and assets will be protected after death. We have plenty of services that can help you during this time, as well as an online will writing service that can be easily accessed.

Working with our will writing services, in conjunction with Co Op Legal services, gives you access to everything you need during this time. We can provide a completely free quote and a draft of your will, based on your needs, and help you cover the solicitor cost during this time.

Following the writing of your will, we will securely store this document until it is required.

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch with the team today. We can arrange a telephone or video call with you to discuss your needs and see what we can do for you at this time.

How to get a will made?

There are various steps involved in getting a will made, and while we can do a lot of the work for you, it is a good idea for you to understand the steps involved before paying for any service so you can determine what kind of help you need at this time.

Before you can make a will, there are some things you need to do first. These are things you should do before hiring our will writing services in Consett, although we can help with these too. Before writing a will, you need to determine:

Once you have determined these factors, it is time to start working on making your will.

The steps that are required to make a will are as follows:

1) Value Your Estate

Before you can make a will, you first need to determine what you own and how much you have. This can determine the type of will you need to make. You will need to have a list of assets that will be included in your will, which can be:

As well as these, you also need to include debts as these are also referred to as assets in a will.

2) Decide how you want to divide these assets

Who will get what when you die is the main purpose of a will, and this is the most important step to do when it comes to writing one. This is something we can help with when you use our writing service, but ultimately the decision is yours when it comes to your estate and assets.

In this part of the process, you will need to think about who you want to benefit from your estate as well as the needs of your family, which need to be outlined in the will.

3) Determine any charity donations

A lot of people like to include a charitable donation of some kind in their will, and this is something you can determine now or at a later date.

4) Choose your executors

A single will requires at least one executor, and this is the person who will handle everything after you have died. This is a big role and one that requires a lot of responsibility, so it is something you should consider carefully.

5) Write your will

This is where paying for a will writing service can come in very useful, and we are highly experienced at what we do. As a leading will writing company in Consett, we can help create a simple will or something more complex based on your needs and will ensure that everything you desire is covered in one document.

Our registered company number is accessible across the country, including with an online service. We can help you get your will done and ensure that all of your needs are met during this time to support your family during their bereavement following your death.

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What is the Cost of getting a will made?

The cost of making a will can vary based on the method you choose and the kind of service you use. As a leading will writing company, we aim to offer the best prices for all our services and have helped people across the nation in this particular area.

We can provide free quotes and free will drafting services to help you make your decision. If you are interested in learning more about the costs of our services, please get in touch with the team today.

Best Will writing service near me

We are a national will writing service that has worked with people across Consett.

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch with the team today to see how we can help and whether we are available in your local area.

Legal will vs online will

We offer both in-person and online will writing services. Online will writing services are accessible at all times and are available on bank holidays as well.

Regardless of the kind of service you choose, when signing the will you need two witnesses over the age of 18. If you are in Scotland, then you need one witness over the age of 16 for this part of the process.

The Benefits Of Getting A Legal Will Written

What happens if I die without making a will?

If you die without making a will, it can be difficult for your family to handle your assets in Consett. Various consequences can come with not making a will before you die, based on your estate, your family, and these requirements.

For example, failure to make a will when you are not married or in a civil partnership could be disastrous for your partner, who may lose their home with you as they are not considered to be legally responsible for this. A will can also determine who has legal guardianship over your children or those in your care, which is something you need to consider.

It is always a good idea to have some form of a will written in preparation for when you die to ensure that your family is taken care of.

What exactly is a will?

According to the Co-Op legal services, a will is a document that allows you to determine what will happen to your assets and estate following death.

What Can you Include in a Will?

Everything you own can be included in a will, including:

There is a range of things that are included in your Consett estate, which we have already mentioned. We can help ensure that everything is included in your will.

What types of gifts can I include in my will?

There are various ways that you can divide your estate in your will, such as:

Can an executor of a will also be a beneficiary?

It is possible for the executor of your will to also be a beneficiary of your estate.

Do I need a will if I don’t own a house?

It is a good idea to write a will regardless of what you own because there is more than just property ownership covered.

What if I don’t have anything to leave?

We all leave something behind when we die, even if it is a small selection of personal belongings which need to be organised by our family.

However, even if you do not have a lot and do not think that writing a will is worth it, you may have money or assets by the time you die, which can be assigned to other people through this legal document.

Can a will help protect my home against potential care home fees?

A trust will is what you need for this, and it protects your home or savings against future care home fees.

Making a will and mental capacity

To make a will, you have to understand what you are doing, which is to prove mental capacity. This is something you have to prove at the time that your will is written, as well as at the time it is signed by two witnesses.

Four things are required to prove this:

Our will writing service makes the process easy

Making a will can be quick and easy if you use a will writing service. Working with us will ensure that you are getting access to the right guidance and support.

Our will writing service in Consett will provide you with a specialist to help you complete each step of the process, and we will work with you from start to finish. Our will writing advisors can discuss your wishes, offer recommendations and help you to make a will that is right for you and your circumstances, no matter what these may be.

We are an authorised company number and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), so you have peace of mind that your will is written in a way that is recognised by the law.

Where should I store my will?

Your will is stored in a safe place that can be accessed by executors when you die. We can keep hold of your orignal document as well as any other documents you require as part of your writing services.

Can my will be challenged?

All wills can be challenged, but when it is professionally drafted and backed by legal professionals like those in our team, it can prevent this from being a successful claim.

What does undue influence mean in will writing?

This is when someone has been influenced or forced to write their will by another person, and can affect the legality of the document.

Not all wills are regulated – Be Careful

While there are many services similar to ours in Consett, not all of them are of the same quality. We are a regulated and secure will writing service that can provide legal documents for your needs.


Do debts die with you?

No, as debts will be included in your estate.

Can I leave a will If I become incapacitated?

You can include guidance in your will to help if you become incapacitated, which will be used by solicitors.

Can I Write My Own Will?

Yes, you can write your own will, but it is always worth getting this checked by a solicitor to ensure this is legally binding.

Is it possible to change somebody’s will after they have died?

You can make variations to a will based on specific regulations, as outlined by the government.

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